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There has been plenty of coverage, including in the newspaper that Capitol Alert calls home, of the contentious questions swirling around Gov. Jerry Brown's massive proposed water project. Much of it has focused on the environmental repercussions, the consequences for Central Valley farmers and the north-south standoff over water resources.

But still pending is the question of a water bond measure that is politically tied to the project. The Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee is holding a hearing today on putting together the multi-billion dollar water bond currently scheduled to appear on the 2014 ballot (it was initially going on the 2012 ballot, but the Legislature decided to postponed it). Starting at 9 a.m. in room 437.

VIDEO: The sweltering heat wave punishing California has people jacking up the air conditioning, straining the power grid and making Dan Walters wonder if renewable energy can really support the state's needs.

GUN GUIDELINES: There are still numerous gun control bills advancing through the Legislature at a steady clip, the remnants of a big post-Sandy Hook wave introduced at the start of session. Several of them get hearings before the respective Assembly and Senate public safety committees today.

A couple of other public safety bills of note: A revived version of legislation that died on the governor's desk last year, aimed at limiting federal agents' ability to scoop up detained immigrants, is up on the Senate side; and an attempt to regulate California's burgeoning drone industry gets a vote in the Assembly.

EUROTRADE: California's search for international economic opportunities continues. Last week was a hearing on bolstering investment and business in Asia; today it's Europe's turn. The Committee On California-European Trade is taking a look at hurdles for European companies looking to do business in California, starting at 1:30 p.m. in room 113.

SAUSAGE FEST: That's the name of an LGBT Caucus Leadership Fund fundraiser tonight at LowBrau, the midtown bar known for its abundant beer menu and selection of sausages. The biggest contributors go in the gourmet Wild Boar category, while the stingier donors are those giving at the more workaday Bratwurst level.

PHOTO: Aerial photos of the region to be affected by the Delta water tunnels and intakes near Walnut Grove on Wednesday, April 10, 2013. The Sacramento Bee/Randall Benton.


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