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Glazer.jpgThe California Labor Federation, an ally of Gov. Jerry Brown, has formally blacklisted Brown's former political adviser, Steve Glazer, and pollster Jim Moore, punishing them for their work in two divisive Assembly races last year.

The labor federation recently posted on its website a "California Labor 'Do Not Hire' List," rebuking Glazer (right), Moore and four other consultants for their involvement "in two campaigns in 2012 that directly attacked labor unions and caused damage to the labor movement."

The campaigns were Democrat-versus-Democrat Assembly races that pitted labor against the California Chamber of Commerce, whose influential political action committee Glazer advised. Glazer and the other consultants did work opposing incumbent lawmakers Michael Allen and Betsy Butler or supporting their opponents, Marc Levine and Richard Bloom, respectively. The challengers were successful in both races, in the Santa Rosa and Los Angeles areas.

The "do not hire" list names consultants Glazer, Moore, Dave Metz, Jim Stearns, Jim Crounse and Sean Sullivan. Labor Federation spokesman Steve Smith said the list was published within the past two weeks, after federation officials decided in May to blacklist the consultants.

Glazer, an Orinda city councilman and Brown appointee to the California State University Board of Trustees, managed Brown's campaign for governor in 2010. Glazer helped raise money for the Democratic governor's November ballot initiative to raise taxes before receding from his unpaid advisory role this year.

Glazer is seeking election to the Assembly next year in the East Bay district from which Assemblywoman Joan Buchanan, D-Alamo, is terming out. One of his opponents, Dublin Mayor Tim Sbranti, is a leader in the political arm of the California Teachers Association.

In an email today, Glazer accused the teachers union of leading the effort to blacklist him, saying the organization is "acting like a bully in the school yard."

"I was proud to support independent, locally-based Democratic leaders against the hand-picked Sacramento politicians," he said. "Their victory against entrenched interests is a step forward for a Capitol that is polarized and limited in its ability to solve problems. Powerful special interests from the right and the left demand adherence to their agenda or face political elimination."

Smith said the listing was not retribution for the consultants' work for candidates labor interests opposed, but for their involvement in campaigns he said "overtly attacked unions."

Smith said the teachers' union did not influence the federation's decision to blacklist the consultants. The action, he said, "doesn't have anything to do with Steve Glazer's race."

PHOTO: Democratic consultant Steve Glazer. California State University


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