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JV_MATSUDA_073.JPGScore another win for the California Chamber of Commerce's annual "job-killer" campaign.

At one time or another, the chamber had listed more than three dozen bills in the 2013 legislative session that it said would discourage job-creating investment.

When the session ended Thursday night, just one had reached Gov. Jerry Brown's desk.

The Legislature sent the governor Assembly Bill 10, a two-step increase of $2 per hour for the state's minimum wage after he said he would sign it.

All other bills on the chamber hit list had either been held in committee, defeated in floor votes or amended to remove the business organization's opposition.

By sidetracking all but one of the bills on the list, the chamber's lobbyists actually improved their track record. Typically a handful of targeted bills won legislative approval, but most would be vetoed.

PHOTO: A foreman at Matsuda's Nursery in Sacramento makes his rounds on May 24, 2011. After the nursery was forced to fire about 61 workers without papers, it had a difficult time filling the positions, with many finding the work too difficult for the minimum wage pay. The Sacramento Bee/José Luis Villegas


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