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brownmics.jpgOne day after blaming "extreme radicals" for the federal government shutdown, Gov. Jerry Brown on Wednesday called the situation in Washington "dangerous" and "sick."

"I think what's going on in Washington is really sick," Brown said in an interview. "And more than that, it's dangerous. It holds out the specter that America could sink into ungovernability. And when you're a superpower, a nuclear power, a power that people look to for stability, that is very dangerous."

The Democratic governor of the nation's most populous state has a relatively advantageous perch from which to view Washington. He is in the majority party in Sacramento, a place of near one-party rule.

House Republicans have demanded major changes in the federal health-care overhaul in a dispute over government spending, a demand President Barack Obama has rejected.

"The games they're playing really conjure up very dangerous possibilities," Brown said. "So I would hope that the Republicans of California take a look at what they're doing in Washington and do something very, very different."

He said, "If they're going to try to, you know, follow the troglodyte position, I think that would be very ill-advised."

"Troglodyte," Brown said. "It's primitives who lived in caves."

PHOTO: Gov. Jerry Brown talks to members of the press on Tuesday, April 23, 2013. The Sacramento Bee/Hector Amezcua


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