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Donnelly1.pngTim Donnelly garnered some attention this week for a campaign video in which he objected to being called white - he is a "fleshy, pinkish tone" - and advocated making California "the sexiest place to do business."

But it was another Donnelly video caught the attention of certain critics and, eventually, Assembly administrator Jon Waldie.

"Patriot, Not Politician," posted by Donnelly's gubernatorial campaign on YouTube in April, features extensive clips of the Twin Peaks assemblyman speaking on the floor of the lower house.

State law prohibits the use of any "television signal generated by the Assembly ... for any political or commercial purpose," and Waldie said he plans to issue the Donnelly campaign a cease and desist letter Friday.

"The floor shots are definitely ours," he said.

Donnelly spokeswoman Jennifer Kerns said the campaign is reviewing the law but that its interpretation is that footage of Assembly proceedings are in the public record and may be used by the campaign.

"It's our understanding that once that video is aired publicly that it's part of the public domain," she said, adding that she was looking at the state Capitol at the moment and that "the taxpayers pay for that building."

Donnelly formally announced his candidacy for governor this week, joining former Lt. Gov. Abel Maldonado as the two Republicans so far in the race to unseat Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown. At a campaign stop in Sacramento on Thursday, Donnelly called Brown a "Marxist-progressive" and said the race will be an "epic showdown between socialism and freedom right here in California," as he explains here:

PHOTO: Screen grab from Cal Channel March 29, 2012 telecast of Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, R-Twin Peaks, speaking on the Assembly floor.


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