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Looks like Rep. Tom McClintock will get a challenge from the left.

Democrat Kris Johnson plans to run in the Republican-dominated 4th Congressional District.

The Granite Bay resident filed the necessary paperwork to run just days after news anchor Walt Gray ended speculation that he would mount an independent campaign against McClintock, a rock-ribbed Republican.

Johnson, who has yet to formally announce her candidacy, said in a message posted to her website that she was frustrated and angry about the poor performance of elected officials to stem the economic crisis in the Foothills.

The local economy has been stalled for too long, she said.

"The future does not look bright for our children and grandchildren," she said. "There are not enough jobs in our district to keep our children here. Housing is unaffordable for those earning low wages or starting salaries."

She also took aim at Republicans for their role in the partial government shutdown and for voting dozens of times to repeal all or parts of the federal health care law.

"The singular focus on cutting spending is starving our country of the very jobs that can change our economy for the better," she said. "Cutting expenses in a household is a very slow approach to money problems. The solution is to get more income. Income pays down debt in a household. Jobs will pay down debt in our country."

4th Congressional District

The redrawn 4th district is among the most conservative in the state. It is 45 percent Republican, 30 percent Democratic and 21 percent independent.

The district also is arguably the nation's most picturesque, taking in portions of Roseville; it extends from Lake Tahoe past Yosemite National Park.

McClintock lives outside of its boundaries in Elk Grove. After winning a close congressional race in 2008, the former state lawmaker and perennial candidate for statewide office has cruised to re-election.

Born in Wisconsin, Johnson was 13 years old when her parents became ill and she was moved to a children's home as a ward of the state of Indiana. She held jobs with Amoco Oil, 3M Company before moving to Northern California 25 years ago with her husband, John, to work at Intel Corporation.

PHOTO: Kris Johnson for Congress


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