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Gov. Jerry Brown said he is closely monitoring the state's worsening drought, but suggested that a drought emergency declaration was not imminent.

"Governors can't make it rain," Brown told reporters as he presented his proposed 2014-15 budget. He pointed to a state water task force working on the issue, which is meeting today.

But Brown downplayed any expectations that his office can do much to alleviate the dry conditions, which already have caused some agencies to cut dam releases and seek reductions in home water use.

"We'll take whatever steps we can, in collaboration with the state's farmers...and also the urban people have to do their part," Brown said.

"But don't think paper from the governor's office is going to affect the rain. We are doing what we can do in terms of water exchanges and we'll do other things as we get down the road.

"That seems to be probably enough, from my point of view," Brown added.

PHOTO: John Timon and Kent Smith of Oroville cross paths as they walk opposite direction on the Oroville Dam in 2009. Oroville is the state's second-largest reservoir and the largest in the State Water Project. The Sacramento Bee/Jose Luis Villegas


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