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donnellypodium.jpgIn an apparent appeal to women voters - and also, perhaps, cigar smokers, trail runners and World War II enthusiasts - Republican gubernatorial candidate Tim Donnelly posted an online video Monday celebrating the promotion of his spokeswoman, Jennifer Kerns, to campaign manager.

"They say beside every good leader is a great woman," Donnelly tells the camera after opening clips of Kerns running and Donnelly drinking coffee with his wife, Rowena. "I've got two."

Kerns, who is also shown target shooting and smoking a cigar, criticizes Gov. Jerry Brown's prison realignment, in which the state transferred responsibility for certain inmates to county control, and makes an unusual point about Pearl Harbor and women.

"The war on women?" she says. "Really? You want to go there? World War II started because of Pearl Harbor. The war on women was started by consultants."

The comparison was not entirely explained, but it would seem Donnelly is a fan.

He tells viewers "I believe in women," and of Kerns, in particular, he says, "That woman doesn't know how to lose."

PHOTO: Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, R-Twin Peaks, speaks in Baldwin Park Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2013. Associated Press/Nick Ut


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