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donnellygunstore.jpgOne of the conditions of Tim Donnelly's probation after a loaded firearm was discovered in his carry-on bag at an airport in 2012 is that the Twin Peaks assemblyman - and now-candidate for governor -- could not "personally use, own or possess any firearm that is not registered to him."

So it raised some eyebrows when Donnelly, campaigning in recent days, held well-publicized events at a gun store and a gun range, holding firearms and shooting them.

Christopher Lee, a spokesman for the San Bernardino County District Attorney's Office, said in an email Friday that the office is "looking into this matter" but had no more information.

Donnelly, the Legislature's most outspoken gun rights advocate, pleaded no contest in 2012 to two misdemeanor gun charges related to the discovery of a firearm in his carry-on bag at Ontario International Airport. The Republican said he forgot the gun was in his bag.

Barry Krisberg, former president of the National Council on Crime and Delinquency and a lecturer at University of California, Berkeley, said "it's not clear to me" that Donnelly's handling of a gun at a store or a range constitutes possession. If it does, he said, it is "in the most marginal sense" of the law.

"It's hard to say," he said. "My initial reaction is whatever this misdemeanor probation is, the notion that he went to a gun range and used the gun at a gun range is not what those original regs were designed to control."

PHOTO: Republican gubernatorial candidate Tim Donnelly visits the Outdoor Sportsman store in Stockton on Feb. 11, 2014. The Sacramento Bee/David Siders


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