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Freshman Rep. Ami Bera has been fielding attacks from a trio of Republican rivals on everything from his jobs record to his support for the federal health care overhaul.

Now Bera, D-Elk Grove, is being assailed for something he didn't do. On Thursday, the National Republican Congressional Committee issued a news release accusing Bera of voting against House Resolution 3973.

"Bera's failure to support a common-sense check on this administration shows that he's putting Washington loyalties and special interests before his constituents," the NRCC said in the release.

In fact, Bera voted to support the Faithful Execution of the Law Act, which requires the attorney general to provide Congress with an explanation when agencies decide not to enforce the law.

"I supported this commonsense check on the administration because I took an oath to put the people of Sacramento County before politics, and that means holding the president, his administration, and Congress accountable for their actions," Bera said.

He is facing off against Republicans Igor Birman, Elizabeth Emken and Doug Ose.

Both the NRCC and its Democratic counterpart frequently issue news releases from their respective sides that feature identical or nearly-identical wording covering a wide swath of members and candidates. Similar versions of the NRCC's cut-and-paste release targeted at least three-dozen other Democrats across the country.

"It was a staff error that was corrected once we noticed the mistake," NRCC spokesman Tyler Q. Houlton said of the anti-Bera release. "Regardless, California voters won't forget Ami Bera's support for ObamaCare come November."

PHOTO: Ami Bera at a press conference in 2012. The Sacramento Bee/Lezlie Sterling/


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