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Federal authorities said today that they are likely within the next three months to announce additional charges and new defendants in the criminal case that involves Sen. Leland Yee and more than two dozen others accused of various crimes including running guns, selling drugs and arranging murder-for-hire.

"While investigation by the Grand Jury is necessarily secret... it makes good sense to generally notify the Court and opposing counsel that additional charges and, potentially, additional defendants are inevitable," prosecutors wrote in a court filing today.

Authorities continue to investigate possible racketeering and criminal violations and hope to return additional indictments in the next three months, prosecutors wrote.

Their wide-ranging case in San Francisco federal court began as an organized crime investigation with undercover FBI agents infiltrating a Chinatown group led by Raymond "ShrimpBoy" Chow, says the criminal complaint against Yee, Chow and others. Over the course of five years, the investigation grew to include a corruption sting involving Yee, a San Francisco Democrat, and Keith Jackson, a political consultant who was helping Yee raise money for his campaigns for San Francisco mayor in 2011 and Secretary of State in 2014.

In today's filling, prosecutors gave a glimpse of the evidence they will present in their case, saying they intend to introduce body recordings, video recordings, wiretaps and reports from FBI agents.

"The government intends to turn over virtually all such materials without redactions other than the case file number and personally identifying information," the filing says.

One thing prosecutors won't be making available, they wrote, are the identities of the many undercover agents involved in the sting:

"It is the position of the government that in the instant case, the (undercover agents and confidential informants) need not be known by their true names and should be referred to by the names utilized by them in the case.


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