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There's no organized opposition to Prop. 41, the measure on Tuesday's ballot that would authorize $600 million in bonds to build apartments and other multifamily housing for low-income and homeless veterans.

But some Democratic lawmakers' ballot-measure committees have spent big in recent weeks to help the measure, records show.

The ballot-measure committee of former Assemblyman Jose Solorio, D-Santa Ana, a candidate for state Senate, spent $70,000 on pro-Prop. 41 independent expenditures, state filings show.

"Vote for Vets," reads one of the Solorio-funded signs, with "Jose Solorio" in equally large type underneath. Solorio is the only Democrat running in the 34th Senate District, which is expected to be among the most competitive Senate contests this fall.

Late last month, the ballot measure committee of Assembly Speaker Emeritus John A. Pérez, a candidate for state controller and the author of the legislation putting Prop. 41 on the ballot , reported contributions of $29,000 and $60,000 to Prop. 41's campaign committee.

Also, Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins recently changed the name of her ballot measure committee from "California Works: Assembly Majority Leader Toni Atkins Ballot Measure Committee" to "California Works: Yes on Prop. 41 for Veterans' Housing, supported by Speaker Toni Atkins Ballot Measure Committee."

The renamed committee, which had $215,000 on hand as of May 17, has not reported any late independent expenditures or late contributions.

Unlike candidates' campaign committees, ballot measure committees are not covered by contribution limits. As for Prop. 41, its campaign committee had $96,000 on hand as of mid-May, with no outstanding debt.

PHOTO: Gov. Jerry Brown speaks in October 2013 after signing legislative bill AB 639, which became Prop. 41 on Tuesday's ballot. Twenty-five percent of homeless veterans in the United States live in California. Associated Press Photo/Lenny Ignelzi


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