August 25, 2013
I Care: Pit bull rescue inspired by beloved childhood pet

Thumbnail image for LS I CARE PIT BULL1.jpg While in grad school at Texas A&M, Dawn Capp hoped to find a pit bull like her childhood dog, Chako, at a local animal shelter. "I used to ride him like a horse and dress him up. Chako was a phenomenal dog," she says. Instead, she learned that all pit bulls brought to that shelter were immediately euthanized. She was horrified to think that her awesome Chako could have met that fate. So she founded the Chako Pit Bull Rescue, now based in Sacramento, in an effort to alleviate what she calls persecution of the breed.
Outgoing, confident pit bulls are pulled from area shelters and fostered by volunteers until adopted at twice-monthly adoption events. Capp says she gets "fulfillment from helping to save really good dogs that otherwise would have been killed and pairing them with people who are going to hopefully love them forever."

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Capp is a lawyer and author of "American Pit Bull Terriers, Fact or Fiction -- The Truth Behind One of America's Most Popular Breeds" published by Bowtie Press, 2004.

Chako offers classes and events throughout the year. For volunteer and adoption information go to: http://www.chako.org

August 18, 2013
I Care: Do-it-yourself bicycle shop promotes self-sufficiency

BIKE 2.jpg The Sacramento Bicycle Kitchen in Midtown is more of a greasy wrench than a greasy spoon. Volunteer mechanics serve up repair tips du jour for a $5 fee as cyclists replace their brake cables, clean their derailleurs or true their wheels at the do-it-yourself bicycle maintenance shop. On a recent Tuesday evening, manager Shannon Southwood practically gave away used parts to those who rely on cycling for transportation. Others prepared their bikes for the dusty desert terrain at the upcoming Burning Man festival. Formed in 2006, the nonprofit cooperative runs on a shoestring, throwing Second Saturday parties to bring in donations and offering classes in bicycle maintenance to promote cycling and self-sufficiency. "We try to help out the community and empower people to learn how to work on their own bikes," says Southwood. "People seem to appreciate it."


August 11, 2013
I Care: Program gives disabled opportunity to enjoy golf

LS I CARE 2.jpg From the back of an adaptive golf cart, Haley Sullivan seems only half as amazed at putting a hole-in-one as Janie Bucher and Mack Champ, volunteers with the California Eagles golf program. The putting green at Haggin Oaks Golf Complex is transformed into a 9-hole string-putting course, with hazards, as 85 golfers with disabilities compete in groups of different skill levels, hoping to win a putter. The string-putting contest and ice-cream social is a highlight of the California Eagles season. The group meets weekly from April-September and is celebrating 30 years at Haggin Oaks. The goal is to provide people with special needs opportunities to enjoy golf. As program director, Bucher says she's fallen in love with all of the athletes. "It makes my life worthwhile," she says. "I learn way more from them than they ever learn from me."

The California Eagles meet from 5:30 to 7:00 pm every Tuesday at Haggin Oaks and from 5:30 to 7:00 pm every Monday at Land Park. Registration is open throughout the season. For more information, call Janie Bucher - (916) 765-0870 or go online at:



August 4, 2013
I Care: A heart of gold for kids with heart conditions