January 12, 2014
I Care: Delivering meals to homebound seniors

LS I CARE MEALS ON WHEELS 2.jpg Rose Tribolet stands in a dimly lit hallway and knocks loudly on a hotel room door. She announces she's with Meals on Wheels and an elderly woman opens up. A Chihuahua named "Mr. Perfect" darts out to greet their visitor, before scurrying back to the room that Sue Brown calls her home. "This has saved my life," exclaims Brown, who sits eagerly on the edge of her bed, holding a prepackaged meal of pasta primavera and green beans. "It's important to them," says Tribolet, 71, a volunteer driver with the Meals on Wheels by ACC's home-delivered meals program. "Maybe it's the only food they're gonna get." Many of the Sacramento County homebound seniors say the meal comes second to the socialization and safety-net services they get from having a volunteer visit them at their home. "It all comes from the heart," says Tribolet. "Can't beat that."


Meals on Wheels by ACC is currently seeking volunteer drivers to expand their home-delivered meal service to seniors in need. For information on volunteer opportunities call (916) 444-9533 or go to mowsac.org