March 30, 2014
I Care: A fresh alternative on spring break

20140328_LS_I CARE ALT BREAK 007.jpg Spattered in beige-colored paint flecks, Kay Oghoghorie livens up a dull wooden barn for horses that are rescued, rehabilitated and adopted out to new owners. Instead of spending spring break sunning on a tropical beach somewhere, 45 Sacramento State students participated in Alternative Break, a college program designed to help students get involved in different community non-profits during their week off. "It's great to see there are students who want to go out in the community and use their time productively," says Oghoghorie, a student assistant at Sac State's Community Engagement Center who coordinated the program. The 23-year-old senior spent last week working at a community garden for Soil Born Farms; cleaning donated items at the Sacramento Habitat For Humanity ReStore; putting together food packages for Meals on Wheels by ACC; helping maintain 200 trees for the Sacramento Tree Foundation; and painting a barn at the All About Equine Animal Rescue. "It's been a busy week," she says. "I love it."