March 24, 2014
I Care: Youngsters revel in his trail-blazing

MTN BIKE 2.jpg Surrounded by a pack of teenaged mountain bikers, Mark Ferry maneuvers around jagged rocks and dusty hills on the Folsom Lake recreational trails. The 44-year-old real estate broker volunteers much of his free time coaching riders from six high-school mountain biking teams in Sacramento, Placer and El Dorado counties. All the teams practice together four days a week, grouped with other riders of similar speed abilities. They thrive on the spirit of competition, he says, which has been one reason for their high rate of success at league races. He started his first team five years ago at Oak Ridge High School and now along with a posse of assistant coaches, trains over 50 bikers on six area high school teams. Three years ago he started the non-profit organization Cycling Development. "They're all growing in their skill and ability levels," he says, "and the best thing about it is, they're all having a blast."

mtn bike.jpg

Visit www.cyclingdev.com for more information.