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Gary Grinberg, M.D., bariatric surgeon at Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento addresses the factors that are weighed when considering weight-loss surgery. grinberg.jpg

In order to talk about who is a good candidate we first must define certain medical terms. It was a common practice to say that an individual has a diagnosis of obesity if they are 100lbs over their ideal body weight. This definition however, did not account for the person's height and as such a more accurate measurement was created called body mass index or BMI. BMI accounts for both height and weight thus giving a more precise understanding of patient's overall health.  Obesity is defined as BMI >30, morbid obesity as BMI>40. Follow our link to calculate your body mass index.

Weight loss surgery is a very effective and safe method of significant weight loss for patient's who have a clinical diagnosis of obesity. We now know that obesity increases individuals chances of diabetes almost four fold, cardiovascular disease by 300% and increases risk of death up to 50-100% compared to a person of normal weight. Obesity also significantly increases the risk of developing certain cancers such as colon cancer and breast cancer.

At this time, the surgery is indicated for any person who's BMI is greater than 40 kg/m2. However, if a patient is afflicted with illnesses related to obesity such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol or lipids, sleep apnea and others, the surgery is indicated for BMI 30 or greater. Thats because many of these illnesses can be improved or even cured after surgery. If you meet the above criteria, your weight loss physician will be able to further determine if you are a good candidate for surgery.

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