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January 11, 2006

Are bonds delayed bonds denied?

As John Myers reports here, Senate Leader Don Perata signalled this morning that any package of bonds approved this year will be scheduled for the November ballot, not June. Now the question is, what is the political impact on the governor? He had hoped to have the proposals on the June ballot, and have them approved by the voters, to show progress on his plan by the time of his re-election vote in November. So in that sense the timing is a setback. Also, if he is running for re-election at the same time that the bonds are on the ballot, there is a decent chance that many Democrats will reflexively vote no on the bonds because of the connection with the governor and their distaste for his policies. It's hard to see much of an upside for Schwarzenegger in the delay. Other than he gets to run for a second term while looking like something of a visionary in scoping out a long-term plan for the state's future.

UPDATE: A Republican friend offers a twisted but compelling analysis for how the delay on the bonds could help the governor. If you assume he was going to lose in June, his grand vision for the state gone down the tubes, then such a failure would have made him look even more feckless and contributed to his downward slide toward November. Now he gets to look like a visionary without the downside of possibly losing until it's too late to affect his prospects. Like I said, twisted analsysis, but smart.

Posted by dweintraub at 12:19 PM



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Daniel Weintraub


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