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Daniel Weintraub

California Insider

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Sacramento Bee Columnist Daniel Weintraub

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April 4, 2006

Massachusetts health plan

Massachusetts has passed a universal health care plan with an individual mandate and a modest employer mandate. Employers who don't insure their workers will pay a $295 annual fee per employee.

Posted by dweintraub at 8:16 PM

Daughter defends dad

Megan Garcia, one of the three Angelides daughters who appeared in a campaign ad I criticized here, wants equal time (or, really, space). I agreed to give it to her. Here's her note:

I don't read your blog, but I was sent a copy of the piece you did on the television ad in which my sisters and I appear. My sisters and I were deeply offended by what you wrote. We volunteered to do this ad because we believe in our dad and know that he'll be a great governor. He'll fight to make sure more California kids have the chance to go to college.

You were wrong to call the ad "slimy" and to single out my dad's campaign in such juvenile way. Al Gore's daughters proudly spoke before millions of Americans on behalf of their father at the 2000 Democratic Convention. John Kerry's daughters appeared on their dad's behalf at the 2004 convention. Steve Westly's children appear in his ads.

We spoke up on behalf of our dad because he'll do the right things for education and college opportunity. You owe my sisters and me an apology.


Megan Garcia

Posted by dweintraub at 2:59 PM

Health costs


This report from the California Healthcare Foundation shows that nationally, spending on health care per person grew 69 percent, from $3,354 to $5,631 per person between 1993 and 2003. For context, during the same time frame, state and local spending per student in the California schools grew by 61 percent, from $4,187 to $6,752, according to the legislative analyst.

Check out the foundation's report for detail on the different elements of the health care cost increases.

Posted by dweintraub at 11:42 AM

Multi-lingual direct democracy

Here is my column from today's Bee about a little-noticed court ruling that could have a major effect on direct democracy in California, especially at the local level. It would require recall and presumably initiative petitions to be circulated in multiple languages. A major tip of the hat to Election Law blogger Rick Hasen for birdogging this issue.

Posted by dweintraub at 9:39 AM

Governor's race

A new poll from San Jose State shows Schwarzenegger's approval rating inching upward, the governor running even against both Angelides and Westly, and the two Democrats in a dead heat in the primary with more than half of the voters undecided.

Posted by dweintraub at 7:39 AM

Garamendi recovering

Heart surgery went well, his staff says.

Posted by dweintraub at 7:23 AM



At Crossroads, a panel of experts and the public debate the future of health care in California. We'd like you to join the conversation.

Daniel Weintraub


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