May 4, 2011
Sheldon football player Nate Iese soaring on recruiting radar

The Sheldon Huskies have three seniors who will be on Division I college football rosters this fall, and now there's the matter of Nate Iese.

A junior prospect soaring fast on the national recruiting radar as a defensive end/tight end, Iese tonight received his first Division I scholarship offer, from San Jose State.

Iese is a 6-foot-5, 245-pound specimen who doesn't turn 17 until the end of September, so imagine the glee in the voice of Huskies coach Josh Crabtree and those recruiting him. Iese will lead the Huskies this fall as he emerges as one of the state's intrigue prospects, a two-way player with leadership skills. He is a good student with an impeccable reputation on campus and among his peers.

"I've got a feeling that this is the first of many offers for Nate," Crabtree said. "What a great kid. He's very good, and he can run. He's still a baby. I tell coaches to keep in mind how big his hands are when they shake his hand. He's like a big puppy with big paws."

Iese has been involved in the highly regarded "Linemen Win Games" workout sessions for area prep and college linemen under the tutelage of event founder Jon Osterhout, the former All-American lineman from Sacramento State who tried his hand in the NFL.

"I'm not so sure that this happens this fast for Nate, a scholarship, if Johnny O isn't advocating him, a third person to talk about him," Crabtree. "It got the wheels moving a lot faster."

The three current seniors who will plays for D-I programs this fall are: tight end Mansel Simmons, Washington State; Marcus Paige-Allen, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo; Andrew Woodson, Cal Poly. Paige-Allen is also part of Linemen Win Games.

For more information on Osterhout's program:

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