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July 31, 2012
Body language is important to Dennis Allen

NAPA - Dennis Allen is a believer in body language being positive on the football field.

The Raiders coach even stopped practice to reiterate that by bringing the team together to let them know how they looked was not acceptable.

"I felt it was necessary to bring them all in together, let 'em know what I was observing, and give 'em a chance to get it corrected," Allen said. "And I think they did a pretty nice job of responding."

It's still about the details for Allen and that's a detail he doesn't plan to overlook.

Body language was mentioned after Monday's practice, too.

"I thought early it was pretty good," Allen said. "I thought it sagged a little bit, the tough part of practice and I thought it picked up there toward the end."

Athletic ability - Quarterback Carson Palmer has been noted for not being the best athlete on the field.

It led some to wonder how Palmer would do in this new offense that asks the quarterback to execute bootlegs and be effective on the move.

Palmer spent the offseason working on his footwork for the offense. And if you think Palmer isn't much of an athlete he doesn't mind:

"I look at it as a positive because if somebody hears you can't run they take bad angles and you get around corners. I've played with receivers that loved to be thought of as slow guys because before you know it they run by you. To be honest you can't worry about that. I haven't worried about that. I haven't worried about that. I just have to continue to work with the offense. The defenders eyes get lost so much with this offense and the misdirection stuff that we do that you don't need to run 4.4 (in the 40-yard dash) to get around corners in this. Because if you just execute it with the right technique and your feet in the right place and your hands in the right place and hiding the balls and all those small things then the offense takes care of not having a quarterback that runs 4.3."

And there's also Matt Leinart, who backed up Palmer at USC to help with the adjustment. Leinart played in the offense with Houston the last two seasons.

Palmer said that's been a big help to start training camp while working with quarterbacks coach John DeFilipo and offensive coordinator Greg Knapp.

"No disrespect to my quarterback coach, Coach Flip and Coach Knapp, but it's different when you hear it from a player. For whatever reason. Your coach can tell you the same thing over and over again and every once in a while Matt will chime in and say, 'You know I hit this on this play against this team' or whatever. It's nice to get a coaching point from a player some times. Not all the time but sometimes. He's got experience in it because he's done it and if he hasn't done it he's seen it done by another quarterback in Schaub or T.J. Yates or whoever it was. It's really nice to get kind of the same coaching points but it's a little more believable when you get it from a player sometimes."

Punter Shane Lechler (knee), cornerback Ron Bartell (hamstring), linebacker Aaron Curry (knee) and defensive tackle Travis Ivey (conditioning) missed a second day of practice Tuesday.

Running back Mike Goodson (hamstring) and tight end Richard Gordon (hip flexor) did not finish practice.

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