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Subject: Congresswoman Matsui Announces Flood Insurance Relief for Natomas; FEMA to Allow Homeowners to Purchase Preferred Risk Policies

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Congresswoman Matsui Announces Flood Insurance Relief for Natomas

FEMA to Allow Homeowners to Purchase Preferred Risk Policies

SACRAMENTO, CA – In cooperation with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Congresswoman Doris O. Matsui (D-Sacramento) announced today that Natomas residents will be able to purchase Preferred Risk Flood (PRP) Insurance Policies in 2011 and 2012.  Over the course of the last year Congresswoman Matsui has continually worked with the Administration to ensure that homeowners in recently remapped areas have access to affordable flood insurance.  Under this new policy, homeowners across the country that live in areas that have been remapped since 2008 will be eligible to renew their flood insurance at the Preferred Risk Policy price, rather than at the Standard X Zone cost – often four times at costly - for the next two years.

“This change in FEMA’s policy is a simple, straight forward path to ensuring homeowners in the re-mapped areas, including Natomas, are offered affordable flood insurance,” said Rep. Matsui.  “Beginning January 1, 2011 and for 2012, the Preferred Rate Policy will be available to Natomas homeowners, which is a significant discount compared to the standard rate plan.  This announcement will help ease the financial burdens of flood insurance for families across the nation affected by re-mapping.  Like families across the country, many in the Natomas area are at a financial tipping point, and this is very welcome news for my constituents.”

Congresswoman Matsui has been in constant communication with the administrators of the National Flood Insurance Program, advocating for continued access to PRP plans in re-mapped areas.  Dating back to November 2008, Rep. Matsui secured a one-year extension of PRP eligibility for Natomas after she wrote to then-FEMA Administrator Paulson.  In September 2009, Rep. Matsui wrote to FEMA Administrator Fugate, urging the agency to extend PRP for the residents of Natomas.  She contacted the agency again on September 22, 2009, when some Natomas homeowners experienced difficulties in obtaining the PRP. 

“As the Federal Representative of the nation’s most at-risk river city, I – like many Sacramentans – understand the importance of preparedness,” Rep. Matsui continued.  “We cannot know when disasters will strike, we must continue the ongoing levee improvements.  This announcement is tremendous news for the residents of Natomas.”


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