I'm having trouble, some functions aren't working, what do I do?

We're still testing and appreciate your feedback. If you are having trouble with any parts of the network's functions, please fill out this form

How do I add my site to Sacramento Connect?

You will submit a request, you can do that here. We will review your application and get back to you within five business days. Consider this criteria first: Are you in California? Does your site provide original content? Is it regularly updated? Does it contain news, information or opinion relevant to Californians and, more specifically, Northern California? Is it suitable for a general audience?

How can I advertise?

You can contact us here.

What can I share?

As a user, you can share content from The Sacramento Bee and any of the partner sites. You can do this through the share button on the toolbar at the bottom of the page. All content can be shared, from stories to photographs to videos and even the toolbar ads. You can do this through dragging and dropping headlines, photos and videos in a variety of ways. If you are using the instant messaging function, you can share there too. To learn more, watch the introduction video.

If I find something offensive, what do I do?

Please let us know here.

How can I contact members?

Member sites are independent and you can check on those indivudal sites for contact information. You can link to them from the partner directory.

What is the Sacramento Bee's role  in the network?

The Sacramento Bee brought the Sacramento Connect sites together in a network so you can more easily find information that interests you, but does not edit the content of those sites. We select the sites based on whether we feel the content will serve you and meets certain editorial standards. But network members are independent and we encourage and embrace their individual voices. The Sacramento Bee provides the tools to connect the sites,  the software to enable the sharing environment, and helps highlight the individual sites' content.

Does the Sacramento Bee edit partner's content?

No, but we do feature and highlight material that reflects your interests. And we do monitor content.

Is it free?

Yes. Reading is free. Sharing is free. Joining is free.

How can I recommend a site and more content about  my interests?

You can let us know here.

Where can I ask questions not answered here?

Please submit your questions here: We want this page to be a conversation, so please let us know.