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September 27, 2011
Gone shopping....

Dear Shop Cheap shoppers,

I have gone shopping and will not be able to file a report this week. Please remember what you have learned over the past 2 years and scan the ads accordingly. Be smart ... and cheap!

See you soon,


September 20, 2011
The family meal is on the table this week

Raley's has designated Sept. 26 - Monday of next week - as Family Meal Day. Here's what they are saying, "We all have a lot on our plate. That's why it's important for families to get together, eat together and stay together." To help, they are offering family ready meals like rotisserie chicken; Heat & Go entrees and ready in minutes creations. Also, at they are sharing their Top 10 meal ideas.

Now, for the prices on those family-friendly foods: The rotisserie chicken is $5.99 when you buy 2; heat and eat meals are $10; ready in minutes meals are $7 and boneless pork chops for when you cook together are BOGO. Split chicken breasts are 99-cents a pound and French bread in the bakery is $1.88.

For breakfast, Minute Maid pure squeezed OJ is $2.69 a jug - when you buy 2. Quaker cereal or chewy granola bars are $1.89 a box - when you buy 5 or more and Greenlees cinnamon bread is BOGO. A large carton of large eggs is $2.78.

Skippy peanut butter is $2 a jar;  a case of Crystal Geyser water is $3.49 and fresh mozzarella balls are $3.99.

In produce, green bell peppers are 3/99 cents; pears are 79-cents a pound and cucumbers are 99-cents each. Organic heirloom tomatoes are $2.99lb;  and large avocados are 2/$3.

In the Wok, potstickers are BOGO and in the Deli, you can get Il Fornaio pizza dough.

Over at Save Mart, they are tackling the family meal, too. It's called "Create a Meal" and it consists of an entree, a side and bread. Prices range from $9.99 to $14.99 and include chicken, meatloaf, turkey breast and ribs. The sides include macaroni salad, potato salad and coleslaw. Breads are Hawaiian sweet rolls, French bread or corn bread.

For the cooks, there's Master Cut turkey breast for $5.99 (when you spend $50 on groceries). Fresh Atlantic salmon fillets are $6.99lb and bay scallops are $6.99.

In produce, Driscoll's raspberries are BOGO; Bartlett pears are 29-cents a pound; and seedless grapes are $1.67lb. Avocados are 4/$5; green onions, radishes, cilantro or green bell peppers are 50 cents each; and oranges or tangerines are 97-cents a pound.

Coupons worth clipping include 12-packs of Coke - buy 2, get 1 free; Chicken of the Sea chunk light tuna for 79-cents and Foster Farms variety pack lunchmeat for $1.99.

A case of Crystal Geyser water is $3.33; Sunnyside Farms breads are $1.99 a loaf and Milton's bread is $2.99 a loaf.

BOGOs include Yakisoba noodles; Gatorade 6-packs; Sunny Select instant oatmeal, granola bars and fruit snacks. Sun Sations dish detergent is BOGO, too.

Sunnyside Farms yogurt is 10/$5; Sargento string cheese is $3.49 and Minute Maid OJ is $2.50 a carton.

Safeway's 3-day weekend sale includes pork back ribs for $3.99lb; Pepsi or 7-UP 12-packs are buy 2, get 2 free; bananas are 47-cents a pound and Primo Taglio peppered turkey or Muenster cheese is $5.99lb.

Rancher's Reserve London Broil is BOGO; Foster Farms young breast halves  are 99-cents a pound and Smithfield premium bacon is $3.99lb.

Safeway is also promoting a Mix&Match sale that features 3,000 items. Everything from General Mills cereal to Yoplait yogurt and Welch's grape juice is 50-cents off when you mix&match 8 or more of the items.

In produce, white peaches are $1.99lb; broccoli is 99-cents; pears and Roma tomatoes are 99-cents a pound. Bell peppers are $1 each.

The $5 Friday only specials include roasted turkey breast; 3 pounds of seedless grapes; Lucerne chunk cheese and cake slices.

If you're clipping coupons, Philly cream cheese is BOGO; O Organics soymilk is $2.49; Crest toothpaste is $2.69 and a giant jug of Tide is $10.99.

And in the "is it that time already department," pumpkin pies are $4.99 in the bakery. Also, Safeway Kitchen bread is $2 a loaf and Caramel apples are 99-cents each.

Our Sprouts report this week includes Hass avocado for 77-cents; oranges and apples for 88-cents a pound; nectarines and plums for 88-cents a pound and pears for 49-cents a pound.

That's it for this week..


September 13, 2011
Safeway changes gas rewards program and other news

Get out the pen and paper, shoppers. There's a lot to report on this week.

First, we tackle the Safeway ad, which is rather complicated - but in a good way. For all of you who shop at Safeway to earn the 10-cents off a gallon of gas, get ready for some changes. Instead of getting the flat 10-cents for spending more than $50 on groceries, you will now earn reward points by shopping with your Club Card.

Here's what's new: You get 50 points for prescriptions; you earn 1 point for every $1 you spend and 2 points for every $1 you spend on gift cards (*see below for more on this). In the end, 100-points = 10-cents off per gallon; 200 points = 20 cents off, and so on.

*But, shoppers, if you need gift cards, now is the time to buy because for every $1 you spend, you earn 4 points. For example, buy a $50 gift card, get 200 points and save 20-cents per gallon of gas.

Now for the real sales...If you shop this weekend (Friday-Sunday) and spend $75 or more, you will receive a $10 off coupon for your next shopping trip. Here's how to earn that $10 off coupon:

Raspberries are buy 1, get 2 free; refreshe water is $2.88 a case and Signature Cafe pizza is $6.99 in the deli.

Eating Right boneless, skinless chicken breasts are $1.99 a pound; fresh spare ribs are $1.99lb and chuck steak is $1.99lb.

In produce, tomatoes are 99-cents a pound; seedless grapes are 99-cents a pound and a box  of Clementines is $5.99. Kiwi fruit is 3/$1; large avocados are 2/$3 and Cara Mia artichoke hearts are $1 a jar.

They are crazy for coupons this week. Here are the highlights: Nabisco snack crackers for $1.99; Oscar Mayer deli fresh lunchmeat for $2.49; Kraft sliced cheese for $2.49; Prego pasta sauce for $1.49; Goldfish crackers for $1.50; chunky soups for $1.25 and Lucerne butter for $2.79.

Quaker Quakes (mini rice cakes) are $1 a bag; Rosarita refries are 99-cents (get free tortillas when you buy 4 cans); Gatorade and Powerade are 79-cents each and Oroweat breads and English muffins are BOGO.

The Friday only $5 specials include: Signature cafe meatloaf; personal size watermelon or cantaloupe; and a chocolate chewie Bistro Cake in the bakery.

Over at Raley's they are celebrating Mexican Independence Day (Sept. 16) with pork shoulder roast for $1.99lb; Tia Rosa tortillas for $1.99; shredded cheese for $4.99; and Pace picante or salsa for $2.50.

In produce, white corn is 12-cents an ear on Saturday and Sunday only. Roma tomatoes are 69-cents a pound; limes are 6/96-cents; cilantro is 4/$1; strawberries and raspberries are BOGO; melons are 2/$3 and onions are 2lbs/$1.

Clip the coupon and get Gatorade for 78 cents; 8-piece fried chicken is $4.99 in the deli. Raley's Take & Bake pizza is buy 2, get 1 free.

Save Mart has pork roast for $1.27lb; ribs for $1.57lb and tri-tip roast for $2.99lb.

The price of Bohemian Hearth bread has finally come back down to $1.99 a loaf. Barilla pastas are $1 a box; Powerade is $1 a bottle and 12-packs of soda are buy 2, get 2 free.

In produce, seedless grapes are 79-cents a pound; red bell peppers are 4/$1; Roma tomatoes are 79-cents a pound and onions are 69-cents a pound. Raspberries are BOGO; cantaloupes are 2/$4 and pears are 97-cents a pound.

Special K cereal, bars or crackers are 4/$10, plus you get a free 35-pack of Sunny Select water when you by 4 items.

Save Mart coupons include: Ramen 10/$1; Farmer John sliced ham for $2.49 and Sunny Select tomato sauce is 5/$1.

To round out the week, we must report on Sprouts' produce. Seedless grapes are 69-cents a pound; white nectarines and black plums are 88-cents a pound; beefsteak tomatoes are 88-cents a pound; apples are 88-cents a pound and corn on the cob is 4/$1. Baby peeled carrots are 88-cents a bag and leaf lettuce is 88-cents a bunch. Even organic bananas are only 88-cents a pound. Sprouts is also offering $5 off you next shopping trip when you spend $30.

Happy Shopping!


September 6, 2011
Raley's takes the time to remember

It's one of those weeks when it's tough to think about grocery shopping, especially with much of the world focusing on what happened 10 years ago and remembering the 9/11 tragedies. With that in mind, we congratulate Raley's for making a small, but kind, gesture to all military, police, firefighters and paramedics this weekend - a free cup of coffee.

Moving forward, we do have specials to mention. Starting at Raley's, there's a Mix & Match sale on everything from Bisquick to General Mills cereal and Chex Mix. Buy 10 and each item will cost you $1.50. For 99-cents a pound, you can get seedless grapes, pears, vine-ripe tomatoes and broccoli.

Boneless, skinless chicken breasts are $1.99lb and cross-rib steak or roast is $2.99lb. Raley's has a new take-and-bake family size stuffed crust pepperoni pizza for $9.99 and garlic and cheese breadsticks for $3.99. Sliced Italian salame is $4.49 and a 2-pack of sweet or sourdough Frenchettes is $1.88.

If you're clipping, Dreyer's fruit bars are $2.50; DiGiorno pizza is $3.99; Iron Kids bread is $1.69 a loaf and Powerade is 69-cents. A 1-pound container of strawberries is $2.50 and a 4-pack of artisan lettuce is $1.99.

If you're craving chocolate cake, a single layer Fudge Supreme is $5.99.

Safeway has a lot going on, a little too much in Shop Cheap's opinion. There's the Buy 5, Save $5 Mix & Match sale. Then there's the $5 Friday only sale and the 2-Day, Saturday and Sunday sale. Then you've got your coupons!!!

Here are the highlights: Foster Farms whole chickens are 89-cents a pound; Signature Cafe whole roasted chicken is $5.99. Blueberries and raspberries are BOGO; nectarines are 99-cents a pound; bananas are 69-cents a pound and Dulcinea melons are $3.99 each. Roma tomatoes are 99-cents a pound.

Lucerne light yogurt is 10/$5; Yoplait Greek yogurt is 4/$5 and Open Nature cream top yogurt is 69-cents. A 12-pack of Activia yogurt is $4.99.

If you're couponing, here are some hot ones: Welch's grape juice for $1.99; bakery cookies for $2.49; large containers of Maxwell House or Yuban coffee for $7.99; 18 large eggs for $2.99 and Lucerne sliced cheese for $2.49. Household items include Gain dish soap for $1.99; Cascade dish detergent tablets for $4.99 and Mennen or Lady Speed Stick deodorant for $1.49.

The $5 Friday offerings include a family size Signature Cafe pizza; a pound of Primo Taglio ham or turkey breast; Safeway Select extra virgin olive oil; a bouquet of flowers or Northern bath tissue and Thirsty paper towels.

That 2-day sale includes buy 2 jars of Ragu, get 3 free;  Planters peanuts for $3.99; Oreo cookies for $1.99 and a single layer cake for $3.99.

There's a new soup in town, Autumn Harvest Butternut Squash for $3.49.

In the bakery, a 4-pack of muffins is $2.50 and a loaf of artisan dinner or focaccia bread is $2.99.

If you're packing lunches, PowerBars are 99-cents each; a case of refreshe water is $3.33 and Safeway Kitchens or Butter Top breads are $1.99 a loaf.

Save Mart has boneless, skinless chicken breasts for $1.99 a pound; petite sirloin roasts for $2.49lb and frozen turkeys for $5.99 each.

In produce, whole seedless watermelon is $2.97 each; raspberries are BOGO; grapes are $1.67lb; corn is 3/$1; bell peppers are 50-cents each; iceberg lettuce is 97-cents each and tomatoes are 97-cents a pound.

If you're clippin', 6-packs of Powerade are 2/$3; Busseto sliced salame is $3.99 and Oscar Mayer lunchmeat is $2.49 a pack. Get Chips Ahoy! cookies for $1.99 Friday-Sunday.

Golden Grain pasta is $1 a box; Sara Lee breads are $2.50 a loaf and MJB coffee is $6.99 for a jumbo tin.

Be sure to check out the recipes in the Save Mart ad. This week they are featuring Enchilada Skillet; a kid's calzone and Balsamic Roasted Baby Carrots.

Sprouts simply has the best produce prices around. Check it out: seedless grapes for 88-cents a pound; large cantaloupe for 69-cents each; peaches and nectarines for 69-cents a pound; avocado for 99-cents and bell peppers or cucumbers 3/$1.




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