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April 24, 2012
Say goodbye to April sales

Hard to believe that we're about to turn another page on the calendar. Before we mosey into May, we've got one more shopping weekend to fill the cart and shop smart.

Remember to use your $10 rewards coupon if you shopped Safeway last week. That 10 bucks buys two $5 Friday items or 4 boxes of Post cereal or 2 packs of buns and 2 packs of Johnsonville Brats!

Since we're already talking Safeway, let's just start there. You must buy at least 8 items, but you'll get 50-cents off each on in the Mix & Match sale. Examples: Rosarita refries or Knorr sides for 79-cents; Bertolli pasta sauce for $1.99; Hunt's canned tomatoes for 99-cents and Planters Peanut Butter for $2.49.

In produce, tomatoes on the vine are 99-cents a pound; asparagus is $1.99 a pound; Fresh Express salads are $2 and baby peeled carrots are 99-cents a bag. Kiwi Fruit is 3/$1; pears are 99-cents a pound; white corn is 2/$1 and green onions or radishes are 2/$1.

Want coupons? Florida OJ is $4.99 for an 89-oz jug; Stouffer's or Lean Cuisine meals are $1.99; Ragu pasta sauce is $1.25; DiGiorno parmesan in the deli is $3.99; Quaker Oatmeal Squares cereal is $1.99; Safeway coffee is $7.49 for a huge tin and Powerade is 59 cents.

Other stuff we like: BOGO Arm & Hammer detergent; coupons for Ivory or Dawn dish detergent $2.49. Heinz ketchup is $1.99; Doritos are BOGO; Old El Paso dinner kits are 2/$5; gallons of Crystal Geyser spring water are $1. If you want a case, refreshe water is $3.33.

The soda special this week is buy 2-12 packs and get 2 free plus a package of Chips Ahoy! cookies.

The $5 Friday only offerings are Signature Cafe 8 piece chicken; fresh baked cookies or muffins; Artisan reserve extra virgin olive oil; 3 pounds of strawberries and a rose bouquet.

Over at Save Mart, the 7 Days, 7 Ways to Save specials are "back by popular demand." Our favorites (and they won't change throughout the month of May) are a dozen Sunnyside eggs for 69 cents on Wednesday and bananas for 39-cents a pound on Monday.

Other stuff we like at Save Mart: fresh artichokes 3/99-cents; whole seedless watermelon for $3.97; bell pepper and cucumbers for 69-cents each; BOGO blackberries and roma tomatoes for 97-cents a pound.

The rotisserie chicken meal deal for $9.99 includes the bird; a salad; and bread - enough for a family of 4.

Kellogg's cereal is $1.99 a box when you buy 4; Barilla pasta is 99-cents; Ragu sauce is $1.49 with coupon; and Sunnyside Farms split top bread ins $1.69 a loaf. Other coupon items include Sunny Select light tuna for 69-cents; Gallo salame for $4.99 and Johnsonville Brats or Italian sausage for $3.99. Sunnyside Farms yogurt is 10/$5; butter is $2.50 and frozen veggies are 98-cents. Ruffles chips are BOGO; a case of Sunny Select drinking water is $2.88 and Boston Market entrees are $1.88 in the freezer. A 16-oz tube of Haris Ranch beef is $3.99 and all the fixins' for a taco bar are on sale, too.

Raley's has whole Foster Farms chickens for 89-cents a pound; asparagus for $1.99lb and a 2lb container of strawberries for $3.99. If you like shrimp salad, fresh shrimpmeat from Oregon is $3.99lb. Buy one pack of Raley's dry pasta and get a jar of Ragu for 99-cents (with coupon).

Coffee cake is buy 2, get 1 free; 8-piece fried chicken is $5.99 and Quaker chewy granola bars are $2 a box. A case of Arrowhead or Nestle water is is $3.99; Ruffles are BOGO at Raley's, too; and an 89oz jug of Minute Maid OJ is $3.99. Golden Grain pasta is $1. You can do your pre-Cinco de Mayo stock up with El Paso taco shells for $1; Las Palmas enchilada sauce for $2 and Rosarita refries for $1. Padrinos chips are $2 a bag.

Skippy peanut butter is $2.50 a jar.

In produce, large 'chokes are 99-cents each; personal-size watermelon is $3. Live organic basil plants are $3.99.

You can try Sam's Club free this weekend. Check out the ad in Wednesday's Bee.

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April 17, 2012
Here's the skinny on sales - and a giveaway

BOGOs, coupons, $5 much shopping, so little time.

Let's start at Safeway because we can't stay away from those $10 reward coupons. Here's how Shop Cheap is going to spend the $75 it takes to get $10 off next week's grocery bill.

BOGO berries and melon; Braeburn apples for 79-cents a pound and bell pepper for $1 each. Italian sausage for $3.49; Safeway pasta sauce for $2.49 and BOGO Golden Grain pasta.

For a treat, Klondike bars are $2.99; Breyer's ice cream is $2.99 and eggo waffles are $2.50 a box. Oroweat English muffins and Sara Lee bagels are BOGO.

Coupons worth clipping include Safeway syrup for $2.99; Challenge butter for $2.99; Quaker mini rice cakes for 99-cents; Chex Mix for $1.77; 30% off Kashi products; Jif peanut butter for $2.49; 18 eggs for $2.49 and Kleenex for 99-cents.

The $5 Friday only specials are: whole Signature Cafe roasted chicken; sliced turkey, Black Forest ham and Provolone in the deli; 128oz jug of Minute Maid OJ and Tiramisu cake in the bakery.

This week, there's a 5-day sale, too, Wednesday-Sunday. Lay's kettle chips are BOGO; fruit pies are $2.99 and Nabisco snack crackers are $1.99.

Over at Raley's - where you should have your $10 off coupon from last week - there's BOGO strawberries; personal size watermelon for $2.50; baby potatoes 2 bags/$5 and oranges for 69-cents a pound.

In the meat dept., there's a Mix&Match BOGO sale, including pork, beef, chicken and fish.

If you clip, Raley's hearty bread is $1.79 a loaf; a case of Crystal Geyser water is $2.99 and a family size box of Kellogg's Raisin bran or Mini-wheats is $2.99. Coke is buy 2-12 packs, get 2 free.

In the bakery, muffins are buy 2, get 1 free. And something called Mousse cake is $6.99. Skinny Cow bars are $3.99; Dreyer's fruit bars are $2.99 and Dreyer's ice cream is $3.50.

Save Mart continues to have the best prices on produce. This week, it's corn on the cob 3/99-cents; Romaine hearts, 97 cents a bag; artichokes for 69-cents each; grape tomatoes 2/$3 and BOGO Earthbound Farm organic salads. Fuji or Gala apples are 97-cents a pound.

The daily deals are back at Save Mart: Wednesday=eggs for 69-cents a dozen; Thursday=salmon fillets for $3.99lb; Friday=boneless, skinless chicken breasts in the max pack for $1.49lb; Saturday=Sunny Select soda 2/$1; Sunday=Frito-Lay variety pack for $1.79; Monday=bananas for 39-cents a pound and Tuesday=extra lean ground beef for $1.69lb.

Fresh Foster Farms whole chickens are 88-cents a pound.

Coupons worth clipping include: Barilla pasta for 88-cents; Farmer John ham steaks for $1.49; Sunny Select tomato sauce 5/$1 and Classico pasta sauce for $1.69.

Sunnyside Farms OJ is 2/$4; dog or burger buns are 2/$3; Bayside Farms English muffins are 98-cents and Powerade is 79-cents a bottle.

Got a couple of great produce buys at Sprouts this week. Asparagus is 99-cents a pound; corn, bell peppers or celery are 49-cents each and large tomatoes or avocados are 99-cents each. The first watermelon of the season is coming in and it's 19-cents a pound.

One last tip for the week. Target is giving away 1.5 million reuseable bags on Sunday, which is Earth Day. Better get there early and be sure to check the insert in Sunday's paper to confirm locations!

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April 10, 2012
It's BOGO and coupon week

Time to put the bunny suit away. It's suppose to be Spring, but Shop Cheap  still isn't convinced.

That said, we are starting the weekly hunt for bargains at Save Mart. Top of the list: blackberries, buy 1, get 2 free; tomatoes on the vine, 99-cents a pound; Post cereal for $1.77 a box and Michelina's entrees for 68-cents each. In the meat dept., the pick 5 packs for $25 is back. Choose from beef, pork, poultry or seafood. Fresh cooked shrimp meat is $3.99lb.

In produce, we also like oranges for 69-cents a pound; baby lemons and limes 10/$1; apples for 99-cents a pound and medium artichokes for 69-cents each.

Hunt's items are $1 a can - including diced tomatoes, ketchup and Rosarita refries. Crystal Geyser water is $3.33 a case; Pepsi and Dew are $2.99 for a 6-pack of 24oz bottles. If you clip, check out the coupons for Bumble Bee tuna at 69-cents a can; Bertoli pasta sauce for $1.99; an 8-pack of Gatorade for $3.99 and Langers juice for $1.99.

Want everyday items and lower prices? There's Bohemian Hearth bread for $1.98 a loaf; Eggo waffles for $2 a box; La Italia salami for $4.99; Guerrero tortillas for $1.98 and 126oz jug of Minute Maid OJ for $5.49.

Shop Raley's  on Friday, Saturday or Sunday and earn a $10 off coupon on your next visit. The catch? You need to spend $75 or more and redeem the coupon by April 22. It's easy to spend $75,. Here's Shop Cheap's tips on getting started: Boneless, skinless chicken breasts for $1.88lb and London Broil for $2.99lb. Tomatoes on the vine; bell peppers and Fresh Express salads are all 99-cents.

Kellogg's Special K cereal is $1.99 a box when you buy 3 or more. California Pizza Kitchen pizza is $2 with coupon. Ben&Jerry's and Starbucks ice cream is $2.49 with coupon.

Daily items worth carting: bananas for 68-cents a pound; Bayview Farms milk is $2.74 a gallon when you buy 2 and Sunnyside Farms butter is $2.98. A case of Aquafina water is $3.99.

Oranges and apples are $1 a pound; berries are 2/$5.

Safeway is all about the BOGO this week. There's so many, you might as well just get 2 of everything. Here's what we like....remember the items listed are buy one, get one free.

Nature sweet cherub tomatoes; jumbo artichokes; Oroweat breads; Kraft cheese; Langer's cranberry cocktail; Vitaminwater; Golden Grain pasta; Mezetta and Ragu pasta sauce; Nathan's beef franks; and Oscar Mayer fresh lunchmeat.

The BOGO bonanza includes the meat dept. where chicken breasts, London broil, boneless pork chops and learn ground beef are all buy one, get one free.

In the grocery category, there's Arm&Hammer detergent, bath tissue; Colgate toothpaste and Dial hand soap.

The $5 Friday specials include a 5lb bag of apples; a 40oz jar of Skippy peanut butter; Gatorade; Macaroni Grill meals and baby back ribs in the deli.

The Friday-Monday offerings: chicken tenders for $5.99; seedless grapes for $1.49lb; Seattle's Best coffee for $5.99 and Bay scallops for $5.99lb.

A case of Aquafina or Dasani water is $3.99.

Produce items at either $1 each or $1 a pound include Iceberg lettuce; roma tomatoes; organic cucumbers; pears and potatoes.

That's enough to fill the cart this week.

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April 3, 2012
Easy does it for Easter

Shop Cheap has decided to take it easy for Easter. If you want complicated, you won't find it here. We are going to scan the ads, tell you what's on sale and call it a day. Here goes:

If you shopped Safeway last week and spent $75 or more, you have a coupon for $10 off this week's groceries. Already, we're ahead of the game. If you're thinking ham, whole or half is 99-cents a pound. Packaged GreenLine green beans are BOGO; yams are 99-cents a pound and gourmet apple pie is $9.99 in the bakery. BOGO buys include Nabisco snack crackers and Lay's chips. Milanos and Cool Whip are BOGO, too.

In produce, strawberries are 2lbs for $3.99; blackberries are BOGO and hot house tomatoes are $1.99lb. Pineapple is $1.99 each.

Don't want to send anyone to the store on Easter, but if you go, double layer decorated cakes are $5.99 and Lucerne ice cream is $2.28.  Other bakery goodies include fresh fruit tart for $12.99 and bagels or donuts 2/$1.

For $5 on Friday, you can get a pound of deli turkey, Black Forest ham or provolone; a big pack of Lil Smokies; Signature Cafe 5-piece fish; and a 20-pack of Coke. The Wednesday-Sunday specials include: a 4-pack of muffins for $1.99; Gatorade for 88-cents; sour cream for $1.99; and Campbell's Cream of Chicken or Mushroom soup for 75-cents.

Coupons worth clipping: Eggo waffles for $1.99; Philly cream cheese for $1.99 and Simply Lemonade for $2.49.

Fage Greek yogurt is $5.99 for 32 ounces; Pillsbury holiday cookie dough or crescent rolls are 2/$4 and Safeway Kitchens sliced bread is $1.50 a loaf.

If you want to go upscale for your Easter ham, try Raley's spiral sliced for $1.99lb; their bone-in half ham is 99-cents a pound. Fresh asparagus is $1.99lb; dinner rolls are buy 2, get 1 free and fresh fruit tarts are $14.99.

Other stuff w like at Raley's: Del Monte pineapple for $1.99; BOGO berries and yams or Russet potatoes for 79-cents a pound.

If you just don't have time to prepare your Easter meal, Raley's has 2 options: Glazed maple ham with fresh sides and dessert for $59.99 or rack of lamb dinner for $89.99.

Martinelli's sparkling cider is $2 a bottle; Lay's chips are BOGO and get a free dozen eggs when you purchase 2 packs of Johnsonville sausage links or patties.

Gallo salami or pepperoni is $3.99; Lindsay olives are $1 a can and Oroweat Italian bread is $2.50 a loaf.

Kelloggs cereals are $1.99 a box when you buy 4 or more.

In the bakery, a dozen spring cupcakes or single layer cakes are $5.99.

Save Mart has smoked ham for 88-cents a pound; asparagus for $1.27lb and fresh coconut cakes decorated for Easter at $5.99. Cooked shrimp meat is $4.99lb. And what's Easter without colored eggs. Get 18, large from Sunnyside Farms for $1.79.

In produce, Roma tomatoes are 69-cents a pound; cucumbers are 79-cents each and red or white potatoes are 69-cents a pound.

Rainbow sandwich bread and Sara Lee bagels are BOGO; Pepperidge Farm and Nestle Toll House cookies are BOGO, too. Nabisco crackers are $1.99; Daisy sour cream is 2/$3; Danish creamery or Challenge butter is $2.50.

If you clip, Dole pineapple chunks are 99-cents a can; Quaker Oatmeal Squares cereal is $1.88 and Farmer John's lilnks are 99-cents.

marinelli's sparkling lemonade is $1.88 and Sunny Select olives are 98-cents a can.

At Save Mart's weekend only sale, strawberries are $2.97 for a 2lb container and Tropicana OJ is $2.88 a jug.

Now, hop to it and have a Happy Easter!


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