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April 30, 2006
Marty McNeal: Game 4 setup

The Kings were thisclose to seeing their season come to a virtual end Friday night.

Now another dose of resuscitation is needed to revitalize them as well place a little bit of pressure on the Spurs. Should the Kings be able to win tonight, this really will be a series.

Even though the Kings still would potentially have to play two of the next three games in San Antonio, they would have put their stamp on the series and made the Spurs aware that it will take a monumental effort to get through to the Conference finals.

This situation is old-hat for the Spurs, many of whom never even have lost a first-round series.

But pressure can affect anyone and everyone, and the Spurs are no different. Right now, though, they don’t have any such pressure on them and won’t unless the Kings win Game 4.

You still think Brad Miller can make a victory so much more attainable just by taking and making his shots? The same goes for Kenny Thomas, who just walked by and made me think about how invisible he was in Game 3.

I hope Mike Bibby remembers his game is at its best when he slows it down.

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