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May 2, 2006
Ailene Voisin: Will it rain on Kings?

SAN ANTONIO – I guess it’s been too many years since I’ve lived in the south (Atlanta). I’d forgotten how quickly the weather can turn violent. While ironing my clothes in a downtown hotel room before leaving for the arena, all hail broke loose.

Seriously. Wind and rain began whipping against the windows on the 13th floor, and within minutes, turned into marble-sized balls of hail. Car horns went off, traffic stalled on the freeways, and the streets flooded.

Was this an omen or what?

Given the Kings’ postseason history, it would be just their luck to be on the verge of victory later this evening when, say, Mike Bibby’s potential game-winner was in the air, and the electricity in the AT&T Center to go out.

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