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May 5, 2006
Marty McNeal: Season's beatings

It was impossible to ignore the parallel. Here was Artest limping around, forcing himself to play through a painful sprained right ankle. Then there was the man for whom he was traded in Indiana, Peja Stojakovic, unable to play in any of the
Pacers’ four losses to the New Jersey Nets in their Eastern Conference first-round series.

I have no idea the severity of Stojakovic’s knee injury. But this I do know. Something often seems to get in the way of Stojakovic being there when his team needs him. Either mentally or physically, the cat doesn’t seem capable of toughing his way though
hard times.

And although I don’t know Artest that well yet, I don’t think the physical standpoint ever will be questioned.

Finally, the Kings hit someone in the third quarter. First, it was too little, too late. Miller was called for a flagrant foul on an attempted block on Manu Ginobili. Really, Miller just couldn’t jump high enough to seriously challenge the shot and ended
up making contact with the body.

Sacramento sabotaged itself with five turnovers in the first eight minutes of the third quarter, leading to 11 Spurs points. Meanwhile, like the champion it is, San Antonio had committed nary a turnover.

Tony Parker is a one-man fast break, even in a half-court set. I’d like to see Parker and Phoenix’s Leandro Barbosa in a court-long foot race with and without the ball.

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