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November 9, 2006
Bibby's sore wrist

Question: Hi Sam, just wondering if you know if the injury is OK. I saw him last night and he could not even follow through on the foul shots, although he made them! Do you anticipate a drop in 3's this year or assists?

- John

Answer: He’s definitely not feeling 100 percent, or anywhere close. After last night’s game, I asked him if it was nice to be a little more on target than he had been shooting-wise, and he said “Just because they went in, doesn’t mean it felt good,” or something along those lines. So even though Bibby hit 6 of 13 shots and scored 23 points – this after coming in at an 18 of 56 clip – it seems his right shooting wrist continues to be in some serious pain.
As for threes or assists, I’d predict a rise in assists and a drop in threes. Even Bibby didn’t want to shoot as many as he did last season, and he wants his game to be more versatile. And he’ll get more assists so long as shooting guard Kevin Martin is healthy, as they’ve improved a running game that often leads to fast break layups or dunks for Martin and more assists for Mike.

Speaking of Bibby, the guy cracks me up with how he denounces all individual achievements. I don’t know if it’s justifiable bitterness over never being selected as an All-Star, but he did it twice in the last week. On the Kings’ recent road trip, he became the organization’s assist leader in the Sacramento era, and responded by saying with a laugh, “That’s not going to get me a job after (basketball), is it?” Then last night, he surpassed the 10,000-point plateau for his career, and responded to questions of the mark with “No, I don’t really care.” I’ll take that over Ricky Davis throwing the ball off the backboard to fabricate his first triple-double anyday.

- Sam Amick

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