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November 14, 2006
Martin's future

Question: Do you think the Kings will sign Kevin to a long contract or let him go? We are wondering back here in Z-town Ohio. And if he keeps scoring will he be an All-Star?
-- Mike Johnson, Zanesville, Ohio

Answer: In light of recent events, this may be the easiest question yet. I'm guessing the Kings don't want to lose the rising star who - as it stands - is leading a team in scoring that has such offensive weapons as Ron Artest, Mike Bibby and Brad Miller. If this becomes the new version of Kevin Martin, then he's a potential All-Star who the Kings will try desperately to keep once his contract is up after next season. He could very well become the next face of the franchise, with a few other key factors coming into play. Bibby has an early termination option for this season, so his future in Sacramento is unsure. Artest's contract is up after next season, too, meaning the Kings may be in a tough spot. Artest - who is making $7.1 million this season - will be looking for more, as will Martin, whose deal is paying him approximately $1 million.
-- Sam Amick

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