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November 9, 2006
Miller time

Question: I thought your references to the Kings home win as a political campaign came off very well, especially the “homeland security” bit. Do you think the Kings are better without Brad Miller at this point? Maybe it was injuries nagging at him, but in the first couple of games it seemed like he could care less if he was out there or not. I appreciate ‘Reef and Thomas’ efforts on the interior; with those two it seems like we don’t need Miller. Keep up the good work,

- Patrick, from Davis

Answer: Thanks Patrick. I was kicking myself for not working in a defense department reference regarding Ron Artest, but it was a deadline casualty. The Miller question is an interesting one, and I think the underlying question is whether Kings coach Eric Musselman can get as much offensively out of Miller as former coach Rick Adelman did. Under the old regime, Miller was often the 7-foot point guard on the high post, his passing skills and hoops IQ on display nightly. But if Musselman isn’t using Miller in that way, then it’s no secret that Brad is not bringing exceptional defense, athleticism, or rebounding ability to the floor. To his credit, he was busting his tail in a new kind of way before getting hurt. But the mix without him has absolutely been more effective and productive.

- Sam Amick

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