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December 15, 2006
Longing for the good old days

Question: As a longtime Kings fan, I really miss the offense of past years when they would back door you to death. Now I notice the other teams are running on the Kings and scoring easy baskets as Barbosa (Suns) did the other night and have seen other teams do the same since. I really thought the Kings could have won that game had they not givin up all those layups and three-pointers. Their defense started out pretty well at the beginning of the year What has happened and where is the offense we are so used to?

- Paul, Pinetop, Ariz.

Answer: Yeah, it's definitely a case of not knowing what you have until it's gone. I found myself thinking the same thing watching the Suns, but the Kings simply don't have enough players with that sort of mindset/passing skills or a coach with that sort of history anymore. Kings GM Geoff Petrie would love to get back to that style, but he needs help on that campaign if it's going to happen.

- Sam Amick

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