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December 15, 2006
Time to start over?

Question: It seems to me that the Kings have two options right now. Make a huge move that could allow them to contend again, or blow up the team and try again. The only way to accomplish the first, in my opinion, is to go hard after Kevin Garnett if there's any chance. Otherwise, it seems we should dump salary, accumulate draft picks, perhaps land Greg Oden and start over. This year's draft is supposed to be very strong, and there also may be some free agents on the market this summer, like Billups, Milicic, Carter, etc.

- Rory, Sacramento

Answer: So long as Geoff Petrie is running the team and the Maloofs own it, I have a very hard time believing they'll ever be willing to start over. You are right, though, that it creates a tough middle ground when you are trying to rebuild while not taking too many steps backward. If they did, it's not as simple as dumping salary. If Mike Bibby doesn't opt out, they still have to pay him $13.5 million next season and - if he decides not to opt out again following next season - the $14.5 million after that. If they could move Kenny Thomas ($30.5 million including this season and through 2010) for someone with an expiring contract, that would help. If not, Thomas has an early termination option after next season, so maybe he exercises that and frees up space. And if nothing else, the Kings have $14 million worth of players in the last year of their contracts.

- Sam Amick

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