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January 17, 2007
A Miller sighting

Hold on while I kick off my snow-filled shoes and dirty the hotel room floor... OK, much better now, back from Kings shootaround in negative-3 degrees celsius Toronto where there was, finally, a Brad Miller sighting (he actually practiced with the team yesterday, but I was traveling to Toronto at the time).

The Kings center who missed the last two games for personal reasons will play tonight. And without disclosing what he wants to stay personal, I’ll answer the many people who have wondered about his absence and say that it’s completely legit, nothing shady about it. He’s back now, and should be from here on out.

Otherwise, the only annual trip to Canada has been a better one for myself than last season. I brought a passport this time, which always helps, and became a fan of a Toronto-born band that rocks - Billy Talent. Their single, “Try Honesty,” was big in the states, but they are on a different level out here. And my luggage that didn’t make it from Sacramento to New York City with me finally caught up, just in time to throw on layers for the cold. I’m warmed up. Now we’ll see if the Kings can heat up too.
-- Sam Amick

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