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January 2, 2007
An interesting statistic

Question: Stat of the year - When Shareef Abdur-Rahim plays 26 or more minutes, the team is 8-2. When he plays less than 26 minutes, the team is 2-11. Why he is not playing more boggles the mind. There are a lot of people in the office scratching their heads about his lack of playing time.

- Roy, Sacramento

Answer: Shareef would agree with you. He has been consistent offensively, and the best post threat the Kings have among their big men. As for explaining the minimal playing time and lack of a starting job, the Kings have pointed to Kenny Thomas' athleticism, defense and rebounding. But especially when Bibby, Miller and Artest are misfiring from the outside - which has been much of the season - the lack of low-post presence on offense means things can get ugly quick with so many long-range misses. And Thomas has disappeared offensively, appearing hesitant to try that mid-range jumper he used to shoot in the few looks he gets.
Shareef isn't the player he was a few years ago, but he is still effective. He would help his own cause if he could perfect the pass-out when he's double-teamed down low.

- Sam Amick

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