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January 24, 2007
Building something

First there was the comeback win over New Jersey on Monday night, done in a way that could very well spark a Kings revival if they find way to build on it. Then, speaking of building, there were the Kings on Tuesday afternoon, taking part in a Habitat for Humanity house-building project in which the finished product will be shipped off to a New Orleans family that lost its home in Hurricane Katrina.

They had their hard hats on, hammers in hand, pounding away toward a common goal without an ounce of selfishness in the place. Imagine that. Something to build on, for sure.

Looking for small building blocks, the Kings have a chance to win for the third time in four games tonight against Milwaukee, and it surely helps that the amazing Michael Redd is out with a knee injury. Now on a side note, I had to mention a fan I ran into the other night for the sheer (pun intended) fact that he lost his hair for a hopeless cause.

Rudy Rangel, a 25-year-old from Chico, showed up to Arco Arena with a shorter version of the same Mohawk Ron Artest was sporting against Boston and Detroit over the weekend. Rangel – who has a “Kings” tattoo on his left shoulder – is a huge Artest fan, but he was justifiably peeved when noticed that Artest had shaved the Mohawk and gone all Mr. Clean on him. The player and his clone never did meet, although I mentioned to Artest just after halftime against New Jersey how a fan had paid homage to his haircut. He gave a hearty laugh, shaking his hairless head with a smile and perhaps wondering just who would be crazy enough to do such a thing.
-– Sam Amick

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