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January 11, 2007
Changes in attitude

It’s a new day in Kings land when ...

"I heard someone say the other day that winning causes chemistry, but chemistry doesn't cause winning," Kings center Brad Miller said Wednesday. "I thought that actually was a pretty good quote."

No explanation needed.

The Kings are trying to win without the very element that made them so great in the glory years of the past, and the chemistry issues do not appear to be improving. What’s mind boggling about the NBA -- and probably pro sports in general -- is how quickly the state of a team can either turn around or turn against each other. Entering this recent stretch of five straight home games, I was hearing that it would be a vital period for the Kings to assess their situation before considering the next step. The talk of blowing it up with a big move died down for a few days when they beat Golden State and New York, especially in light of a 39-point Ron Artest outburst that was the rare positive kind. The collective mood took a quick turn for the better inside the locker room.

Three tough losses later, and things are as bad as they've been this season as the Kings fell to a previously-unthinkable 10-10 at Arco Arena. The locker room drama after Tuesday night's game was no small thing, and the challenge of winning with pieces that can't seem to fit isn't small either.

"There is no way we should be 10-10 (at home)," shooting guard Kevin Martin said. "This is the same starting five that got us back into things last year."
-- Sam Amick

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