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January 18, 2007
Get your hands up

Question: Do you have any insight as to why Mike Bibby almost never gets his hands up to defend a shot? Maybe the coaches need to put some Ben Gay under his arms? It is irritating watching him stand there and watch an opposing player hit shot after shot against him.
-- Trevor Williams

Answer: I remember early in the year when Musselman would scream at Mike begging him to put his hands up. It's no secret that he's never been a tenacious on-ball defender, and the fact that he doesn't put his hands up that often shows a general lack of interest. I like your idea, though.
-- Sam Amick

The Oden question

Question: How likely is it that Petrie decides to blow this team up and try to make a run at Greg Oden?
-- Ed, Washington

Answer: The Kings are playing badly, but they still have a ways to go to reach the bottom of the league standings. Blowing it up might come in the form of a big trade sending major pieces out of town, and that could happen. And whether it's Oden or another promising young big guy, they will hope to land one of those in this year's draft.
-- Sam Amick

Going young ... or not

Question: I do not understand why Eric Musselman does not play the young guys more. He needs to change something in the lineup. Also, I was watching the N.Y. game and Mike Bibby doesn't seem to interested in the game. I love Artest, but he is going to have to pass the ball more and stop trying to be the main man.
-- Ron, Woodbridge

Answer: I can suddenly relate to Musselman, who has pulled the "If I had the answers, I'd fix it" sort of answer after recent losses. You have a point about the young guys, though. The tough part is that it would be a major decision to go young, and not an easy situation with so many high-paid veterans suddenly getting limited minutes. That's not to say it wouldn't work, but politics and money inevitably play a part in pro sports.
-- Sam Amick

Getting harder to watch

Question: It seems like if the Kings can't find a leader, Bibby should be handling the ball when he's on the floor like he's done since day one. I've seen Bibby asking for the ball a couple of times and Ron just ignores him and runs the point. Why hasnt Musselman let them know what their roles are? It would be easier for them, don't you think? We got a good team but our coach has to step up. I'm a big fan. I watch every game and it's hard to see them lose.
-- Raul, Fresno

Answer: Getting harder by the day, I'm sure. Mike isn't a great distributor and is almost like an undersized shooting guard, so he often comes off picks while someone else brings the ball up. As for players ignoring others, there has been a lot of that this season between various players. And it seems to be a fluid thing, changing all the time and not a sign of a good team at all.
-- Sam Amick

Where are the set plays?

Question: I am watching the game on Friday evening and thinking where are the plays. Why aren't there any set plays for the best shooter on the team, Kevin Martin? He can create his own shot but heck if they set some picks for him who knows they may even win some games.
-- Steve Rapaport, Stockton

Answer: They were there, although there have been more plays for Kevin in the past two games (New York and Toronto). One of Kevin's problems when it comes to creating is the makeup of the team. When they're posting up Artest and/or Abdur-Rahim, Kevin has a hard time getting room to drive. And both Ron and Reef can be a bit stubborn down low, working hard to get position and wanting the ball badly rather than clearing out for the leading scorer.
-- Sam Amick

Question: what idiot in the Kings organization decided that it would be better to let Adelman go and replace him with the underexpierenced, weak, loser of a coach in Eric Musselman, who is the reason for the downfall of this once great and upcoming franchise?
-- Salvador Ariaga, Sacramento

Answer: Wow, it's a good thing we don't take loaded questions on this forum! The Maloofs were the ones behind the Adelman firing, so you can send them your complaint. It starts at the top, as they say, and that's true with the Kings as well.
-- Sam Amick

Blaming the coach

Question: Would bringing Adelman back really hurt us? Enough is enough. Musselman is not doing the job! We are losing our confidence with every single loss. What do we say after this loss? Good effort? Nice try? We are losing at home, a place that we have always protected. It's not the players. It's the coach. His defensive mind is creating losses for a team that has entered the playoffs 8 yrs in a row. At the rate we are going, we are all going to have an early summer, probaly at all-star break. Petrie needs to bring back Adelman.
-- Rosana Palomo, Menlo Park

Answer: Musselman and his team are definitely at a loss to describe each loss these days. Even I'm trying to find new ways to pick their brains about what's going on. I'm not sure bringing back Adelman is a reasonable request, though. Pro sports just doesn't work that way.
-- Sam Amick

The big man question ... again

Question: I have been a relocated LA born Lakers fan all of my life. My family and I moved to Sacramento in 1989 and immediately became Kings fans through bad times (especially in those days) and now and root for them against the Lakers every time they play them. I know that the Kings have some work to do to get back to a NBA championship contender. Bibby, Martin, and Artest are great pieces, but I think that they lack an athletic big man to secure rebounds and protect the basket. What do you think the Kings need to do?
-- Alan Jones, Sacramento

Answer: Well they're giving rookie big man Justin Williams a look now, as he's playing under his second 10-day contract. Otherwise, they already have their eyes on the coming draft, which is supposed to be stocked with big men. There have already been indications that the streak of Kings picking lanky wing shooters might finally end.
-- Sam Amick

A realistic approach

Question: When do you think the Kings' organization will stop being optimistic already, and start being realistic? Why would you even think about trading Artest? With him in the lineup the Kings don't have to waste an extra body using double teams, he's basically a double team rolled up into one. Also why would you think of trading Bibby? We all know he's got that outside shot, but the man gets to the rim more than Brad Miller! Trade Miller, Martin, and a throw in for some inside presence and some depth! Eddy Curry & Co?
-- Jorie Loomis, Salt Lake City

Answer: Well I'm 12 days late answering your question, and I think reality is setting in more every day. The other realities are this: Martin is the guy the organization wants to build around, a frustrated Artest is nowhere near as effective as a pleased Artest, and Bibby's time in Sacramento may very well be nearing its end.
-- Sam Amick

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