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January 18, 2007
He got game

And now, for Part II of the NYC reunion story (please ignore the fact that the road trip has since gone from Toronto to Boston - see blog below for Part I).

So asked about the Coney Island tour hosted by Quincy Douby and enjoyed by Justin Williams, Douby smiles at the chance to share what he deems the three top spots of his hometown.

“You’ve gotta see the rides, and you’ve gotta see the beach,” Douby said. “And you’ve got to see where they filmed 'He Got Game,' that main court.”

It’s the Coney Island Housing court, officially, the place where a young Douby used to sneak peeks at Ray Allen, the hoops star/actor who he would later compete against. The Sonics shooter starred in the Spike Lee film as the legendary Jesus Shuttlesworth, a role that remains an iconic figure among NBA players young and old.

Douby is making his own version of the movie at the moment, with a definite tweak in the script. While he claims the same hometown as Knicks star and Coney Island legend Stephon Marbury, Douby lived in an area outside the projects that meant he didn’t carry near the cred as Starbury and those like him. He attended a prep school and didn’t even get serious about basketball until midway through his high school career, meaning there weren’t tales of blacktop glory on his way up.

Still, he remembers being driven by the sight of Marbury driving home in expensive cars, much like the $72,000 Cadillac Escalade Douby now rolls in. His ride has a unique touch, as he replaced the “Escalade” piece on the back with a patented “I-Douby-lieve.”
-- Sam Amick

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