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January 1, 2007
Just Kidding yourself

Question: I was huge fan of Mike Bibby for the past few years, but his biggest downfall is his defense. With the possibility of him opting out of his current contract, do you think Petrie could package Bibby with most likely Corliss (I'd rather see Kenny Thomas go with his long-term contact) and get Jason Kidd? Kidd brings defense and the Steve Nash-like ability to bring chemistry to a team. Imagine: Kidd, K-Mart, Artest, Shareef and Brad Miller as the starting five. With the chemistry improving, Kidd would improve the defense, too. What do you think?

- Odaman, Walnut Creek

Answer: It's a heck of an idea, but the very definition of a fantasy trade. There's no reason New Jersey would give up Kidd for Bibby. They've had a good thing going with him for a while now. The more intriguing question to me is why the Nets were able to draft Marcus Williams, who has shown plenty of promise and was passed up by the Kings. With the possibility of Bibby leaving, the Kings remain without a point guard for the future.

- Sam Amick

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