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January 1, 2007
Shooting priorities

Question: What kind of NBA coach would allow two players on his team who are shooting in the mid-30s percentage-wise to be the No. 1 and No. 3 players on the team in shot attempts when many other players on the team are shooting much better. Both of those players should have a pass-first mentality when they are on the court and the coach should enforce that approach. Coaches are supposed to use schemes that use the various skills of players on a team to help the team succeed. If a player can't shoot effectively, he may defend, set picks, pass, or rebound.

- Terry Brown, Santa Rosa

Answer: The tough part lies with the guy who's No. 1 in shot attempts. Mike Bibby has made his name as a shooter, with eight years of resume' building in that department. But until the past few games, he's been off like never before.

I think he sorely misses the comfort level that came with being surrounded with so many good passers, and now Brad Miller is the only one who qualifies as such. What's more, Bibby and Kevin Martin were helping each other a lot more early this season. Bibby would push the ball and never hesitate to find the speedy Martin on the break. It gave Bibby a few assists, got the offense going and then mysteriously disappeared.

Beyond Bibby, the No. 3 shooter you referenced - Ron Artest - has significantly lowered his attempts in the last few weeks. Martin remains the most effective scorer by a landslide, but he is still learning how to carry a heavier load and deal with so much defensive attention.

- Sam Amick

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