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January 1, 2007
Trade Brad Miller?

Question: I am a Sac expat now living in the Seattle but still follow the Kings. I am wondering, with all the trade rumors on Bibby, why is almost no one talking about trying to move Brad Miller? Aside from the injuries and that it looks like he's lost a step or two, he doesn't seem to fit with the Kings new attempt at a defensive scheme. Defensively, he could be the worst defensive 7-footer in the league. They seem play better with an undersized Shareef at center. Will or should the Kings try to move him?

- Joe, Seattle, Wash.

Answer: As it stands, no one is safe from being traded and Brad Miller is no different. His weaknesses are - as you said - pretty obvious, but his contract makes him tough to move. He's signed until 2010 for big money, and his style (jump-shooting big man, incredible passer) would only fit a handful of systems in the league. I have heard a few rumors about interested teams, though. And ironically, Miller shooting the ball so well like he has lately only increases his chances of being moved. He needs to remind the league how good he can be for an offense.

- Sam Amick

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