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January 1, 2007
Trading time

Question: Sam, the Kings are going nowhere in a hurry. Is it time that they start trading. Bibby to Atlanta for a first-rounder seems like a good fit to me. Atlanta is desperate for a point guard. You've said in the past that Petrie and the Maloofs will never start over, but what can they be thinking could happen? They have no room for immediate improvement because of their salary cap situation.

- Rory Sayer, Sacramento

Answer: In a Q&A with Kings co-owner Gavin Maloof this week, he answered this question to an extent. In short, he said they weren't ready to "blow it up." Yet. They are already actively considering all options, and this stretch of games starting against Golden State could determine a lot. It's the first of five home games before a long stretch of road games begins. If they keep putting up performances like they did against the Clippers in Friday's loss, then the likelihood of making big moves goes up. They have a lot to offer, from proven players to expiring contracts that always help sweeten a deal.

- Sam Amick

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