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February 15, 2007
ALL-STAR WEEKEND: Let the fun begin

Chaotic? Just a bit.
My "Welcome to All-Star weekend in Vegas" moment didn't take long to arrive, coming courtesy of a rental car shuttle driver named Todd.

So Todd jams as much flesh and luggage as possible into his bus, but has to leave some 30 people behind. He nearly clips a guy on his way back into cluttered traffic, angers the man, then reports back to the mother station via CB radio that "there are some violent people on the curb!" He's not smiling.

Checking in at my hotel, I learn that at least a million fans have flown in for this circus. That's the estimate from a gal from New Jersey, who is here with her family and not only has tickets to Saturday's three-point and slam dunk contests, but will be seeing Jamie Foxx perform the same night, too. No star sightings yet, unless you count all the pudgy older guys I've seen in LeBron jerseys.
--Sam Amick

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