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February 19, 2007
Deal or no deal?

When it comes to the final days before the trade deadline, things can change drastically in a matter of hours. With that being said, Kings exec Geoff Petrie said Saturday afternoon that there was nothing of significance cooking at that time.
"Right now, for us, there’s nothing that could be called on the front burner," Petrie said. "I’m not even sure if the stove is turned on."
And the prospects for things heating up soon?
"We’ll see," he said. "It’s like any deadline, like when you file your taxes you wait until the very last day to get them in there. Right now, there’s nothing of any interest for us."
I was told by a source to keep a keen eye on Cleveland, which already had talks with the Kings regarding Mike Bibby that died down quite some time ago. The Cavs wanted point guard Andre Miller from Philadelphia, but Bibby is supposedly high on their list, too. Asked whether a three-team deal might be the more plausible means toward making a move, Petrie said, "Not necessarily. I mean right now we’re at ground zero. (And) the more moving parts you have, the harder it is to get things done in general."
- Sam Amick

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