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February 16, 2007
Life of luxury

Where to begin in the world of bizarre…

For starters, the Palms is an insanely extravagant, brilliantly executed resort concept that banks on the whims and desires of the young and wealthy. A few
colleagues and I had a fabulous tour courtesy of Joe Maloof, who pulled the curtain pulled back on a place that – while nice on its face – has most of its truly spectacular offerings in the VIP-type areas most visitors will never see.

Consider: the latest figure on the average US salary is $36,764, which would
almost be enough to stay one night in the Hardwood Suite and in the range of, say, the Crib Suite. And who knows what it would run to rent out the whole
floor of suites, which some corporations do for what they call “block parties.” There are no rules, nor should there be for what probably rivals the price of
a small country. And there are no worries of bothering the other guests, as an entire floor is fitted with sound-proof walls. Some of the suites have pools that
jut out over the edge of the building, creating a cliff-effect not suitable for anyone with a fear of heights. Or an NBA owner unhappy with his current

“After a couple of those (Kings) losses,” Joe Maloof said, “I felt like swimming off the edge.”

The Maloofs hosted an EA Sports video game party on Thursday at their four-month old “Moon” club, which we had seen in the preparatory stages hours before and then during the nighttime action later. A handful of All-Stars were on hand for a hoops battle on big screen TVs on XBox 360s, with Tony Parker facing off with Chris Paul, and Carlos Boozer vs. Chris Bosh while the music pumped and lights dazzled. There was an open bar, too. And if that’s not the ultimate mix of every boy and man’s dream, I don’t know what is.

ESPN’s Scoop Jackson was the MC, announcing every rim-ripping dunk in the streetball game. A morning later, the festivities are heating up. The rookie
challenge is this evening, with all sorts of media events at the Palms during the day.

Random thoughts: Upon checking in yesterday, I looked up and saw a Tim Hardaway mugshot and headline reading “I hate gay people” on CNN Headline News, the coverage sprouting from his idiotic comments about gay former
player John Amaechi coming out recently. I don’t think this is the kind of crossover coverage David Stern was hoping for on All-Star weekend, but kudos to him for promptly removing Hardaway from all of his scheduled league appearances and distancing the league from his comments

…. Contrary to a line I had in today’s paper about the Paris Casino possibly representing the Western Conference since the East is backed by the New
York, New York Statue of Liberty that’s wearing their jersey, it turns out the lion in front of the MGM Grand is wearing a West jersey. Issue resolved.
-- Sam Amick

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