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February 19, 2007
This guy worked under cover

He wasn't supposed to be there, and with that premise consider the outfit he wore: A camouflage sweatshirt, the hood pulled over his head and sunglasses indoors in the Thomas & Mack Center.
I'll keep the references at "he" and leave the name out because he might want to pull this trick again, and who am I to get in the way of a good scam artist? At Sunday's All-Star game, there was one media member whose access was as fraudelent as a rigged poker game. He was actually working, producing a Vegas-related video that would have qualified for a credential if he had made the paperwork deadline. But he didn't, and so he printed a fake press pass from a home computer. I only know this because I let the guy in the building, then wondered after the fact if he belonged. Then when I saw him enjoying himself in the media dining area, I meandered over in search of resolution. The guy was candid as could be about his ploy, but he didn't want to show his "pass" out in the open. So he waves me into the bathroom just to be covert, and shows the homemade product that looks almost perfect except for the fuzziness of the photo and the graphics. It's in a generic plastic sleeve instead of the league-issued type, but is otherwise impressive.
"I wasn't going to miss this," he says, "and I kind of have a sense of entitlement."
- Sam Amick

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