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April 23, 2007
Leaky beer cups, oh my

Question: Can the following problems please be addressed before next year? Holes in the bottom of the beer cups (you would think for nine bucks a beer that you wouldn't have to worry about holes in the cups), virtually no porta-potties in the parking lot (I understand they want you to hurry up and get inside and buy their holey beers, but please...). For fan appreciation night, can they put section row and seat numbers on the Jumbotron for season ticket holders that don't want to act a fool just to win something? Prison issued vendor uniforms? The list goes on and on.

- Bill Wright, Fair Oaks

Answer: Sounds like problems even a new arena can't fix. Something tells me you wouldn't be so grumpy if this team had won 49 games instead of lost 49.

- Sam Amick

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