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April 4, 2007
Letting the reserves play

Question: Just for fun and maybe some insight: Bench Artest, Bibby and Miller for the rest of the season and let some assistant coach take over. The results might surprise us, and I would bet that the team effort and cohesiveness definitely would.
-- Dale Beagley, Salinas

Answer: There was plenty of chatter midway through the season that they may let coach Eric Musselman go and put assistant Scott Brooks at the helm, but that sort of early action obviously never transpired. As for your idea on the players, it's safe to say there's nothing to lose and - by losing - much to gain.
-- Sam Amick

Question: Let's face it. Some very elaborate scenarios would have to take place to get the Kings in the playoffs. Other fans and I are split. They want the Kings to succeed, but they could also be crossing their fingers for the Kings to bomb the rest of the way and get a legitimate shot at the first pick and Greg Oden or Kevin Durant. Will the Kings sink or swim, and what do you think the fans want?
-- Kameron Schmid, Roseville

Answer: I think the fans are already looking to the draft. And truthfully, the players are talking about competing hard from here on out for the sake of the fans, their own huge paychecks and sheer pride. Even they have stopped the playoff talk. Personally, I think the fans would be OK with more losses down the stretch if it was the young guys doing the losing. That switch is already happening, and look for coach Eric Musselman to limit the minutes of the players in his rotation -- especially Mike Bibby, Kevin Martin and, unless he disputes it, Ron Artest.
-- Sam Amick

Question: Do you think the Kings will trade Mike Bibby in the off-season?
-- Ron, Woodbridge

Answer: I think they'll try their best to trade him, but Geoff Petrie is going to push to get as much as possible in a deal. He showed that much when he didn't pull the trigger on a possible deal with Cleveland just before the February trade deadline came and went. I wondered at the time if he may have helped the Kings' cause by showing he was far from desperate to move Bibby, but we won't really know that until the offseason.
-- Sam Amick

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