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May 29, 2007
Don't expect Wallace to return

Question: In the logic that Gerald Wallace would cost more this time around, think of it this way: If we'd have kept him, he'd still be hitting the free agent market, except this time he'd both be able to explore the free agent market and also be a member of the Sacramento Kings. I'd love to see us bring Wallace back, as he's perfect for the defensive, running, athletic style I think most Kings fans want to see.
-- Brad, Rocklin

Answer: I agree that he'd be a great fit, but they just won't be able to afford him. The salary cap isn't there, and Wallace - who is easily among the top five free agents available - will be looking for a mega payday.
-- Sam Amick

Question: I can appreciate Geoff (Petrie) wanting to take his time with finding a coach. But with a handful of coaching vacancies out there, it seems like the bigger names (Stan Van Gundy, Marc Iavaroni, etc.) are interviewing with different teams every day. What's the latest scoop here? I'd hate to see us lose the chance at the best available by moving too slowly. Plus, is Mario Elie on the list?
-- Steve, Roseville

Answer: No word on Mario Elie. And no buzz about John Whisenant, either, for the record.

I see what you're saying about the delay, but I just don't think they're worried about it. Fans shouldn't have to think too hard to come up with a theory as to why they're not worried about it and seem to have decided to wait for the playoffs to end before the search does. Petrie said on KHTK the other day that he wants a coach by mid-June and the last possible day of the NBA Finals is June 20, so that still fits.

I think the presence of Scott Brooks means they're not panicking because they feel he'd be a good fit, and I believe Terry Porter (Detroit assistant with longtime Petrie connections) is a major player in this thing.
-- Sam Amick

Question: Do you think the Kings will trade Mike Bibby and Ron Artest?
-- Ron, Woodbridge

Answer: I'd be surprised if both of them were here next season, but it's a tricky prospect when it comes to trading either one. Artest has the contract ($7 million range) and circumstance (can be a free agent next offseason) to attract teams looking for a potent piece and willing to take a gamble like the Kings did to get him. But that's a small pool of willing negotiators, to be sure. Bibby's deal is just monstrous ($28 million over the next two seasons) and he's coming off a bad season, so that makes it tough to move him, though not impossible.
-- Sam Amick

Question: Spencer Hawes coming to Sacramento according to The Bee's mock draft. I have a huge problem with this. This kid is a clone of Brad Miller! I'm so mad I can't see straight. Last time I checked, Miller was a huge overpaid dissapointment. Centers are suppossed to grab rebounds and block shots. All the passing and shooting touch talk is garbage. We didn't win it all with Vlade (swatting the ball to Horry instead of grabing it) and we didn't even come close with Miller. Dominant inside defenders win championships. Shaq, Duncan and the Wallace boys have the last 10 rings.
-- Jason, Sacramento

Answer: We shall see. It's a bit early to know exactly who Geoff Petrie is honing in on, but I definitely think he's thinking big in more ways than one. Center Roy Hibbert out of Georgetown seemed to be the popular pick until he withdrew, and now it's Hawes' name popping up. From what you're describing, I think you'd better either root like hell for Justin Williams to be re-signed or find a new team to root for. The passing and shooting touch talk, as you described it, is going nowhere.
-- Sam Amick

Question: How about this offer? Mike Bibby, Ron Artest and the No. 10 pick to Atlanta for Josh Smith, the No. 3 pick and No. 11. The Kings then draft Ohio State point guard Michael Conley at No. 3 and, if available, Jeff Green at No. 11.
-- Mark, Elk Grove

Answer: Way too risky for my blood. Chemistry issues or not, you lose two proven players for picks and a player in Smith who - while he had his best season yet - has yet to be anything but a slam dunk sensation and a very good player on a very bad team. And to me, if you depend on the draft to fill certain positions immediately, you limit your ability to take the best player. I'm not saying the Kings need to go get another shooting guard, but they still need some creative freedom in the process.
-- Sam Amick

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